Lyons, ColoRADO 6.1.19

Bohn Park, 199 2nd Ave. Lyons CO

The 2019 Colorado Burning Can Fest at the Lyons Outdoor Games is the perfect weekend for lovers of adventure, beer, music, and camping. Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Lyons Colorado boasts a natural playground for runners, riders, kayakers, dogs, and climbers. Featuring adventures to see and watch, a mountain-side beer fest with close to 100 breweries, world class athletes, beautiful camping, and a huge concert, the Burning Can Fest at the Lyons Outdoor Games is one of the top outdoor lifestyle festivals in the U.S.


Rocky Mountain Revelry and Craft Beer Fest



The Burning Can Fest at the Lyons Outdoor Games originally began as a Whitewater festival, celebrating the adventurous lifestyle of Lyons, CO. Over the years, additional events were added like a BMX dirt jump comp, slack line, dog jumping and more. LOG continued as a local favorite event for almost a decade. Then came the tragic flood of 2013 that almost wiped Lyons off the map. Then Oskar Blues came to the rescue and merged it’s Burning Can festival into the event as a way to raise funds for the town’s recovery. Since then the event has grown and won awards such as: Top 10 Beer Fest by USA Today, the “Best Multi-Sport” and “Rowdiest Event” of the Rockies by Elevation Outdoors Magazine.


Beer. Sports. Music. Camping



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