Making its debut at the 2019 Burning Can Fest at the Lyons Outdoor Games, RAD Track will make you feel like Cru Jones after landing his first back flip. Inspired by our favorite 80’s movie, RAD, this event includes obstacles that will have you pumping, carving, and jumping as you speed around a dirt/grass loop.

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OPEN TO AGES 8 and UP! The day starts with the course open for riding. Figure out your best lines and learn how to take on the obstacles. You’ll be able to ride as many laps as you like and when you’re ready, we will time you and put your time on the score card.

The top 32 times will be placed into a bracket, with 4 riders racing head to head. You’ll do two laps per heat with the top two riders moving on to the next round.

The final heat of 4 riders will take place at 4 pm in front of roaring crowds at the festival.

Prizes from OtterBox, Gnarcissit Sunglasses, and REEB cycles will go to the top 4 riders!


You can ride any single speed bike that you like. Bikes that are in the racing brackets must have at least a rear brake. There will be bikes you can ride from REEB cycles including Klunkers and Singlespeeds. You’re welcome to bring your own BMX, mountain, or fat bike.

All riders must wear helmets when on the RAD Track course

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The distance is about 500 meters in total length, with obstacles ridable by almost any level rider. Of course, the best riders will be jumping the obstacles with skill and style, but you don’t have to catch air. We will have launch ramps, a table top jump, wedge ramps, a banked turn, and a foam pit for the final rounds.

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Registration is $15 before race day and $20 on race day.

All riders receive stickers and a custom number plate.

Registration includes admission into the Lyons Outdoor Games and the concert with MOON TAXI!